an egg for breakfast?

a boiled egg for breakfast ...  ? home-grown chickens, to boot ? what's more ?

a quick dip in the pool ?

Enjoy the new Boiséo aquatic centre, only 10 minutes walk from La Rubanerie...

Le Printemps de la Forêt, the 21st and 22th of May 2022 … ?? you’ve heard of it ?

You want to know everything about the Bruche Valley, the places, the people,...


Need to relax, to recharge your batteries ?

Want to be pampered and just have long naps in the park … or discover Alsace ?

A preference for a hiking tour or by bike? or rather a tour by car ?

Do not hesitate any more !

It is a stay in La Rubanerie you need
Time for a weekend or for a longer stay, there are for all envies !

Quickly discover what the hosts of La Rubanerie propose to you in the Bruche Upper Valley…

A bit of history …

It is in 1835 that Messrs. Oppermann & Spach create in La Claquette, a twisting mill that used water of the river, La Bruche as driving force, like all textile mills in the valley. Then, the factory was specialized in production of ribbons, straps, braids and laces in cotton, linen and artificiel fibers, then synthetic.

Converted into an hotel in 1980 by the great-great grand-son of the founder, La Rubanerie still produces its own electric current, which, coupled with heat pumps and solar panels, gives it a high degree of autonomy and allows to modestly contribute to the environmental protection.

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Ecological and autonomous, the hotel provides :

  • Its hydroelectric power production,
  • Its heating by heat pumps,
  • Its domestic hot water with the solar energy

Visit of the installations is possible.