In the valley

Discover, learn, understand

Three museums are to discover unless one half-hour by car :

  • The J-F Oberlin museum in Waldersbach evokes in a very interactive way – through documents and memories – a popular figure of the Ban de la Roche, the Pasteur Oberlin whose educational and social work is known all over the world.
  • In the Mémorial d’Alsace-Moselle, you will better understand the complex history of the Alsaciens-Mosellans, changing of nationality 5 times between 1870 and 1945.
  • The Centre Européen du Résistant Déporté, the “Struthof” will make you discover the hell of the only concentration camp situated on the French ground from 1941 till 1944.

Visit, enjoy, simply have fun

  • Gourmands will enjoy the original jams in Les Confitures du Climont in La Salcée ;
  • Speleologists will like the visit of the iron mine in Grandfontaine and curious will find satisfaction in the museum of the Traditions in Neuwiller-la-Roche.

Let off stream

  • And of course, for the most sportives, a lot of suggestions of long hikes and rides, or shorter with children, of little jogging on both sidess, the Donon on the Westside and the Champ du Feu on the Eastside ;
  • An outdoor warmed swimming pool, in Bellefosse (7 kms), in summer months ; possibility of playing tennis or climbing in Schirmeck (3 kms) ; a site of climbing is accessible too in summer months in La Rothlach (6 kms).
  • In winter, sled, cross-country skiing and snowshoes is possible on both massifs.